My Birthday Twinzie: Iman Sade Poggenpoel

I’ve come to find that it’s very rare to find someone who shares the same birthday with you… especially for me, seeing as how random and uncommon my birthday is. But alas, there is someone who shares it with me, and her name is Iman Sade Poggenpoel


I met her when I was in grade ten (2009) at The National School of the Arts… Her and I hit it off right away. I remember chilling with her and Tex a lot after school. Actually, it was all thanks to Tex that Iman and I started talking. The both of them contributed to my High School experience in a phenomenal way, doubt they even know that. Most of the time I’d be very excited for after school, not just to go home; but to also chill with them. We’d tell jokes and laugh and gossip too, but of course. I actually miss those days with Immie and Tex, they went by so fast… wish I could have them back.


Iman and I have been good friends every since! I can always rely on her and I can talk to her about whatever crap I want to and she will always listen. She gives good sound advice whenever I need it, sometimes I even forget that I’m older than her because when it comes to matters of the heart she can be so mature.

She is a gorgeous girl, inside and out… I try to make sure that I never miss out on an opportunity to tell her how much I love and appreciate her… like now:

Iman, if you’re reading this I just wanna wish you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I love you so much and you’ve grown exponentially ever since I’ve gotten to know you. You are going to become such a phenomenal woman one day. You’re gorgeous and don’t you ever forget that! I Love and Miss you Immie, stay the way you are; don’t ever change!!!

Here are a few pictures of Iman so you can see what I’m talking about:


Fun Facts About Iman Poggenpoel

  • Today she turns 17.
  • She’s got a Puerto Rican Mother.
  • Her Dad is American.
  • She was born in America.
  • She’s a Dancer (very skilled and talented if you ask me).
  • She is part of the HMC (Half-Mannequin Culture).
  • Oh and she’s B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L!!!



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