XX (20): A New Era

Today is my Birthday and I’m hitting the big 20… most people would say that turning 21 is bigger than turning twenty. I personally believe that they are both quite significant. I mean I understand why turning 21 is BIG; it’s the year that is internationally recognised as the year of entering adulthood, where you are officially classified as a young adult… which is true. I mean that’s why most legal drinking ages around the world are set at 21.

That said, I think 20 is also quite important. For me it’s the year where you leave your teenage years behind’; I’m sure you’re sitting there thinking DUH!!! But just hear me out. Yeah sure according to mathematics you are no longer a teen, but I believe it has more to do than just the numbers. In terms of maturity I think it really hits you that ‘Hey, I’ve grown up… and I am STILL growing’. The thought of taking things a lot more seriously starts creeping up on you and by the time you are 21; that thought now needs to turn into ACTION!

Now with that in mind I’ve decided to take a look back at the past two decades of my life. This was brought on by an interview I was watching this past week on Vuzu. On it, Bonang Matheba was being interviewed by Dineo Moeketsi. I didn’t catch the whole interview but there was one question that I did catch. Dineo asked Bonang:

“If the 10 year old you were to see the you right now, what would they think and what would you say to them?”

This question hit me deep. I was already answering for myself in my head so I didn’t even get to here Bonang’s answer. This question is perfect for today, because exactly a decade ago I was turning 10.

This is/was my answer:

Firstly, I think the 10 year old me would be very shocked at the growth I have gone through. Back then (2003) I was short and quite reserved, but now I have grown not only in height but also in confidence and personality. Back then I wouldn’t be able to start a conversation with a stranger, I hardly spoke to my fellow classmates, but now I don’t mind standing in front of large crowds and starting conversations with everybody.

What I would tell the 10 year old me is that it’s all worth it… That every experience, as bad as it may be in that moment; in the future it has worked out for MY ADVANTAGE! Today I live with no restrictions and laugh without holding back. I’m able to speak my mind and I’m able to address a problem the minute I see one… that is all thanks to every experience I’ve been through, be it good or bad.

The other thing I’d tell my 10 year old self is that I am TALENTED! It took me a while to discover my talents, and as a result I feel like I have so much lost time to make up for. That’s why I would tell my 10 year old self that I am talented so that I can start pursuing my dreams earlier. I’d tell myself this in the hopes that I would invest in singing, acting and dancing classes a whole lot sooner so that by this point (at 20 years old) my talents would be better developed and a whole lot skilful.

Bobo1IMG_2184 - Copy

Thank you to everyone who wished me a happy birthday today! You guys made it extra special… So yeah, that’s me… I’m 20 years old now and I just can’t wait for the next ten years to see how I will grow and to see the lessons I will learn. So basically, I will be back with a similar post in ten years time.

until then…

***remember to keep the sting burning***


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