The *H.I.V.E*

I’m sure you’re thinking ‘Why this blog?’…I’ll tell you why

I want to be a performer, I believe I was born to entertain…this is what I live for, and that’s what this blog is about. I will talk and share everything I know and I learn about performing. This blog will allow for people out there to see that my love for the stage is genuine and that it has nothing to do with the fame and fortune that follows.

Apart for my love of the stage and the lessons that I learn about the stage, this blog will also feature personal things, like people that inspire me, my interests, my dislikes, my weaknesses, my strengths and everything that is all about TENACIOUS BEE

Through this blog you will learn anything and everything about your Boy, Bee…

So watch how I KEEP THE STING BURNING by  taking a look at my recent posts, hold your smartphones tight (if you don’t have one, leave this site right now….just joking), sit back and allow yourself to be entertained…..

*•* Check out the few pics of me, so you know what you’re dealing with *•*


Check out my ‘Recent Ramblings’ (to your right) or just go to the page ‘Straight Outta The OVEN!!!’ (also to your right)

*i don’t own copywright to some things on here so if there is a problem with copywright infringement please contact me (contacts page) before taking any legal actions.


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